LEAF Awards

This year, SFAEP has unveiled the Leadership in Environmental Achievements and Foresight (LEAF) awards program. These awards are intended to recognize the projects and individuals here in South Florida who have helped to advance our industry and conserve our environment. Awards will be given each year at the fall symposium, for each of the following three categories:

  • Use of technology/innovation for conservation (project award)
  • Collaboration and partnership (project award)
  • South Florida Environmental Achievement Award (individual award)

The 2014 “LEAF Award” winning projects and people listed below have helped to advance our profession and conserve our environment, and are here recognized by the South Florida Association of Environmental Professionals:

Crowd-sourcing Listening Events for Florida Bonneted Bats – for technology /innovation for conservation 2014

City of Miami Beach Sea Level Rise Study – for collaboration and partnership for conservation 2014

Mr. Paul Humann – author of invaluable reference books on S. FL. reef fish, wildlife and corals for South Florida Environmental Achievement 2014


 SFAEP LEAF Award Nomination Form